Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where to begin?

Where to begin, indeed.

For the last year, I have developed a renewed interest in Dungeons & Dragons. This blog is an outlet for my ramblings about the subject of D&D and role-playing games in general. Of particular interest to me is a renewed interest in a sort of back-to-basics attitude that seems to be developing in the RPG community.

Perhaps this blog will be used to report the exploits of ongoing campaigns. Maybe I'll post an idea for monster stats or a new magic item. Or maybe I'll just rant about these crazy kids with their THAC0s and their cleave feats and their iPhones and their hula hoops...

In any case, I wanted my first blog post to be short and sweet. My original version of this post turned into a very long article. Too much all at once, I think. Over the next few days I'll refine it into a series of articles about my lifetime experiences with RPGs, how I lost interest, and how I regained it.

What is Xeveninti, you ask? He's the insane wizard that built the castle and meat grinder dungeon through which I will doom my players to horrible and sometimes hilarious deaths. My personal version of Zagyg. More about him later.

Good morning!

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Doctor Apocalypse said...

Congratulations on the blog and welcome back to the wonderful community of rambling gamers!