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1e Monster Manual monsters for 4e

This is an index of all the monsters listed in the first edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual written by E. Gary Gygax and originally published in 1977. Each entry has either a link to home brewed statistics written for the fourth edition of D&D, a page number indicating where it can be found in the 4e MM, or page number references to information that can be found about the monster in various previous editions of the game.

Most of the monsters are from The Monster Project over at EN World. That effort has the goal of creating 4e stats for monsters that appeared in any of the previous editions of the D&D. My index focuses exclusively on the 1e Monster Manual. My index is not intended to supersede The Monster Project in any way. If you create your own 4e version of monsters from any of the previous editions, I highly encourage you to post it there.

As part of my ongoing blog, I will occasionally post my own 4e versions of 1e MM monsters. I will, of course, update this blog entry with a link to my own work.

I will try to continually update this blog entry. Click on this link and then create a bookmark for this blog entry so you can check for updates in the future.

Entries that are colored red and in bold face have yet to be defined in 4e terms.

If anyone knows of 4e statistics of any of the listed monsters, please let me know.

In this list, I use the following abreviations:

1e: First edition D&D rules. a.k.a. AD&D.
3.0e: Third edition D&D rules.
3.5e: The revised third edition D&D rules.
DaD: Deities and Demigods
DMG: Dungeon Master's Guide
ESH: Expanded Psionics Handbook
FC1: Fiendish Codex I
FC2: Fiendish Codex II
Frb: Frostburn
LoM: Lords of Madness
MoF: Monsters of Faerun
MotP: Manual of the Planes
MM: Monster Manual
Snd: Sandstorm
ToH: Tome of Horrors


Aerial Servant
Ant, Giant
Ape, Gorilla
Ape, Carnivorous
Axe Beak


Badger, Giant
Baluchitherium (1e MM p. 8)
Barracuda (1e MM p. 8)
Basilisk (4e MM p. 26)
Bear, Black
Bear, Brown
Bear, Cave (4e MM p. 29)
Beaver, Giant (1e MM p. 9)
Beetle, Giant, Bombardier (1e MM p. 9)
Beetle, Giant, Boring (1e MM p. 9)
Beetle, Giant, Fire (4e MM p. 30)
Beetle, Giant, Rhinoceros (1e MM p. 9)
Beetle, Giant, Stag (1e MM p. 9)
Beetle, Giant, Water (1e MM p. 9)
Beholder (4e MM p. 32)
Black Pudding (1e MM p. 10; 3.5e MM p. 201)
Blink Dog
Boar, Wild (1e MM p. 11; 3.5e MM p. 270)
Boar, Giant (4e MM p. 35)
Boar, Warthog (1e MM p. 11)
Brain Mole (1e MM p. 11)
Brownie (1e MM p. 11; 3.5e ToH p. 48)
Buffalo (1e MM p. 11)
Bugbear (4e MM p. 135)
Bulette (4e MM p. 38)
Bull (1e MM p. 12)


Camel, Wild (1e MM p. 13)
Carrion Crawler (4e MM p. 40)
Catoplepas (1e MM p. 13)
Cattle, Wild (1e MM p. 13)
Centaur (1e MM p. 14)
Centipede, Giant
Cerebral Parasite (1e MM p. 14)
Chimera (4e MM p. 41)
Couatl (1e MM p. 15; 3.5e MM p. 37)
Crab, Giant
Crayfish, Giant (1e MM p. 15; 3.5e ToH p. 73)


Demon, Demogorogon (1e MM p. 16; 3.5e FC1 p. 61)
Demon, Juiblex (1e MM p. 17; 3.5e FC1 p. 66)
Demon, Manes (1e MM p. 17; 3.5e MM p. 45)
Demon, Orcus (4e MM p. 206)
Demon, Succubus (4 MM p. 67)
Demon, Type I (Vrock) (4e MM p. 58)
Demon, Type II (Hezrou) (4e MM p. 56)
Demon, Type III (Glabrezu) (4e MM p. 54)
Demon, Type IV (Nalfeshnee, etc.) (1e MM p. 19; 3.5e MM p. 45)
Demon, Type V (Marilith, etc.) (1e MM p. 19; 3.5e MM p. 44)
Demon, Type VI (Balor, etc.) (4e MM p. 52)
Demon, Yeenoghu (1e MM p. 19; 3.5e FC1 p. 78)
Devil, Asmodeus (1e MM p. 20; 3.5e FC2 p. 155)
Devil, Baalzebul (1e MM p. 21; 3.5e FC2 p. 151)
Devil, Barbed (1e MM p. 21; 3.5e MM p. 51 "Hamatula")
Devil, Bone (4e MM p. 62)
Devil, Dispater (1e MM p. 21; 3.5e FC2 p. 143)
Devil, Erinyes (1e MM p. 22; 3.5e MM p. 54)
Devil, Geryon (1e MM p. 22)
Devil, Horned (Malebranche) (4e MM p. 67)
Devil, Ice (4e MM p. 63)
Devil, Lemure (1e MM p. 23; 3.5e MM p. 57)
Devil, Pit Fiend (4e MM p. 65)
Dinosaur (list incomplete)
Displacer Beast (4e MM p. 70)
Djinni (1e MM p. 28; 3.5e MM p. 114)
Dog, War (1e MM p. 29)
Dog, Wild (1e MM p. 29; 3.5e MM p. 271)
Dolphin (1e MM p. 29)
Doppelganger (4e MM p. 71)
Dragon, Black (4e MM p. 75)
Dragon, Blue (4e MM p. 77)
Dragon, Brass (1e MM p. 31; 3.5e MM p. 79)
Dragon, Bronze (1e MM p. 32; 3.5e MM p. 80)
Dragon, Chromatic (Tiamat) (1e MM p. 32; 3.0 MotP p. 118; 3.0 DaD p. 93)
Dragon, Copper (1e MM p. 32; 3.5e MM p. 82)
Dragon, Gold (1e MM p. 32; 3.5e MM p. 84)
Dragon, Green (4e MM p. 79)
Dragon, Platinum (Bahamut) (1e MM p. 33; 3.0 MotP p. 133; 3.0 DaD p. 58)
Dragon, Red (4e MM p. 82)
Dragon, Silver (1e MM p. 34; 3.5e MM p. 86)
Dragon, White (4e MM p. 84)
Dragonne (1e MM p. 34; 3.5e MM p. 89)
Dragon Turtle
Dryad (4e MM p. 96)
Dwarf (4e MM p. 97)
Dwarf, Mountain (1e MM p. 36)


Eagle, Giant (1e MM p. 36; 3.5e MM p. 93)
Ear Seekers (1e MM p. 36)
Eel, Electric (1e MM p. 36)
Eel, Giant (1e MM p. 36)
Eel, Weed (1e MM p. 36)
Efreeti (4e MM p. 98)
Elemental, Air (1e MM p. 37; 3.5e MM p. 95)
Elemental, Earth (1e MM p. 38; 3.5e MM p. 98)
Elemental, Fire (1e MM p. 38; 3.5e MM p. 98)
Elemental, Water (1e MM p. 38; 3.5e MM p. 98)
Elephant, Asiatic (1e MM p. 38; 3.5e MM p. 272)
Elephant, African (1e MM p. 38; 3.5e MM p. 272)
Elf (4e MM p. 106)
Elf, Aquatic (1e MM p. 39; 3.5e MM p. 103)
Elf, Gray (1e MM p. 39; 3.5e MM p. 104)
Elf, Half- (1e MM p. 39; 3.5e MM p. 102)
Elf, Wood (1e MM p. 40; 3.5e MM p. 104)
Ettin (4e MM p. 108)
Eye, Floating (1e MM p. 40)
Eye of the Deep (1e MM p. 41)


Flightless Bird (1e MM p. 41)
Frog, Giant
Frog, Killer
Frog, Poisonous
Fungi, Violet


Gar, Giant
Gargoyle (4e MM p. 115)
Gas Spore (1e MM p. 42; 3.5e LoM p. 148)
Gelatinous Cube (4e MM p. 202)
Ghast (1e MM p. 43; 3.5e MM p. 119)
Ghost (4e MM p. 116)
Ghoul (4e MM p. 118)
Giant, Cloud (1e MM p. 44; 3.5e MM p. 120)
Giant, Fire (4e MM p. 123)
Giant, Frost (1e MM p. 44; 3.5e MM p. 122)
Giant, Hill (4e MM p. 121)
Giant, Stone (1e MM p. 45; 3.5e MM p. 124)
Giant, Storm (4e MM p. 124)
Gnoll (4e MM p. 132)
Gnome (4e MM p. 134)
Goat, Giant (1e MM p. 47)
Goblin (4e MM p. 135)
Golem, Clay (1e MM p. 47; 3.5e MM p. 134)
Golem, Flesh (4e MM p. 142)
Golem, Iron (1e MM p. 48; 3.5e MM p. 136)
Golem, Stone (4e MM p. 142)
Gorgon (1e MM p. 49; 3.5e MM p. 137)
Gray Ooze
Green Slime (1e MM p. 49; 3.5e DMG p. 76)
Griffon (4e MM p. 146)
Groaning Spirit (1e MM p. 50)


Halfling (4e MM p. 152)
Halfling, Hairfeet (1e MM p. 50)
Halfling, Stout (4e MM p. 152)
Halfling, Tallfellow (1e MM p. 50; 3.5e MM p. 149)
Harpy (4e MM p. 154)
Hell Hound (4e MM p. 160)
Herd Animal (1e MM p. 51)
Hippocampus (1e MM p. 51)
Hippogriff (4e MM p. 146)
Hippopotamus (1e MM p. 52)
Hobgoblin (4e MM p. 138)
Homunculous (4e MM p. 156)
Horse, Draft (1e MM p. 53)
Horse, Heavy (4e MM p. 159)
Horse, Light (1e MM p. 53; 3.5e MM p. 273)
Horse, Medium (1e MM p. 53)
Horse, Pony (1e MM p. 53)
Horse, Wild (1e MM p. 53)
Hydra (4e MM p. 164)
Hyena (1e MM p. 54; 3.5e MM p. 274)
Hyena, Giant (1e MM p. 54; 3.5e MM p. 150)


Imp (4e MM p. 63)
Intellect Devourer (1e MM p. 54; 3.5e ESH p. 202)
Invisible Stalker
Irish Deer (1e MM p. 55)


Jackal (1e MM p. 56)
Jaguar (1e MM p. 56)


Ki-rin (1e MM p. 57; 3e MM p. 170)
Kobold (4e MM p. 167)


Lamia (1e MM p. 59; 3.5e MM p. 165)
Lammasu (1e MM p. 59; 3.5e MM p. 165)
Lamprey, Normal (1e MM p.59)
Lamprey, Giant (1e MM p.59)
Larva (1e MM p. 59; 3.5e FC1 p. 108)
Leech, Giant (1e MM p. 60; 3.5e ToH p. 255)
Leopard (1e MM p. 60; 3.5e MM p. 274)
Leprechaun (1e MM p. 60; 3.5e ToH p. 256)
Lich (4e MM p. 176)
Lion (1e MM p. 61; 3.5e MM p. 274)
Lion, Mountain (1e MM p. 61)
Lion, Spotted (1e MM p. 61)
Lizard, Fire (1e MM p. 61)
Lizard, Giant
Lizard, Minotaur (1e MM p. 61)
Lizard, Subterranean (1e MM p. 61)
Lizard Man (4e MM p. 178)
Locathah (1e MM p. 62; 3.5e MM p. 169)
Lurker Above (1e MM p. 62; 3.5e MM p. 38)
Lycanthrope, Werebear (1e MM p. 63; 3.5e MM p. 171)
Lycanthrope, Wereboar (1e MM p. 63; 3.5e MM p. 170)
Lycanthrope, Wererat (4e MM p. 180)
Lycanthrope, Weretiger (1e MM p. 63; 3.5e MM p. 172)
Lycanthrope, Werewolf (4e MM p. 181)
Lynx, Giant (1e MM p. 64)


Mammoth (1e MM p. 65; 3.5e MM p. 272)
Manticore (4e MM p. 184)
Masher (1e MM p. 65)
Mastadon (1e MM p. 65; 3.5e MM p. 272)
Medusa (4e MM p. 186)
Men, Bandit (4e MM p. 162)
Men, Berserker (4e MM p. 163)
Men, Buccaneer (1e MM p. 67)
Men, Brigand (1e MM p. 67)
Men, Caveman (1e MM p. 67; 3.5e Frb p. 145 "Neanderthal")
Men, Dervish (1e MM p. 68)
Men, Merchant (1e MM p. 69)
Men, Nomad (1e MM p. 68)
Men, Pilgrim (1e MM p. 69)
Men, Tribesman (1e MM p. 68)
Merman (1e MM p. 70)
Mind Flayer (4e MM p. 188)
Minotaur (4e MM p. 190)
Mold, Brown (1e MM p. 71; 3.5e DMG p. 76)
Mold, Yellow (1e MM p. 71; 3.5e DMG p. 76)
Mule (1e MM p. 72; 3.5e MM p. 276)
Mummy (4e MM p. 192)


Naga, Guardian (4e MM p. 194)
Naga, Spirit (1e MM p. 72; 3.5e MM p. 192)
Naga, Water (1e MM p. 72; 3.5e MM p. 193)
Neo-otyugh (1e MM p. 73)
Night Hag (4e MM p. 151)
Nightmare (4e MM p. 196)
Nixie (1e MM p. 74; 3.5e MM p. 235)
Nymph (1e MM p. 74; 3.5e MM p. 197)


Ochre Jelly (4e MM p. 202)
Octopus, Giant
Ogre (4e MM p. 198)
Ogre Mage (4e MM p. 201)
Orc (4e MM p. 203)
Otter, Giant (1e MM p. 77)
Otyugh (4e MM p. 211)
Owl, Giant (1e MM p. 77; 3.5e MM p. 205)
Owlbear (4e MM p. 212)


Pegasus (1e MM p. 78; 3.5e MM p. 206)
Piercer (1e MM p. 78; 3.5e ToH p. 420)
Pike, Giant
Pixie (1e MM p. 79; 3.5e MM p. 235)
Porcupine, Giant (1e MM p. 79)
Portuguese Man-O-War, Giant
Pseudo-Dragon (4e MM p. 91)
Purple Worm (4e MM p. 214)


Quasit (1e MM p. 80; 3.5e MM p. 46)


Rakshasa (4e MM p. 216)
Ram, Giant (1e MM p. 81)
Rat, Giant (4e MM p. 219)
Ray, Manta (1e MM p. 81; 3.5e MM p. 275)
Ray, Pungi (1e MM p. 81)
Ray, Sting (1e MM p. 81)
Remorhaz (1e MM p. 82; 3.5e MM p. 214)
Rhinoceros, Wooly
Roc (1e MM p. 82; 3.5e MM p. 215)
Roper (1e MM p. 83; 3.5e MM p. 215)
Rot Grub (1e MM p. 83; 3.5e MM p. 421)
Rust Monster


Sahaugin (1e MM p. 84; 3.5e MM p. 217)
Salamander (1e MM p. 85; 3.5e MM p. 218)
Satyr (1e MM p. 85; 3.5e MM p. 219)
Scorpion, Giant
Sea Hag (1e MM p. 86; 3.5e MM p. 144)
Sea Horse, Giant (1e MM p. 86)
Sea Lion (1e MM p. 86)
Shambling Mound (4e MM p. 232)
Shark, Giant (1e MM p. 87; 3.5e MM p. 279)
Shedu (1e MM p. 87; 3.5e FF p. 153)
Shrieker (1e MM p. 87; 3.5e MM p. 112)
Skeleton (4e MM p. 234)
Skunk, Giant (1e MM p. 88)
Slithering Tracker (1e MM p. 88)
Slug, Giant
Snake, Giant, Amphisbaena (1e MM p. 88)
Snake, Giant, Constrictor (1e MM p. 88; 3.5e MM p. 280)
Snake, Giant, Poisonous (1e MM p. 88; 3.5e MM p. 281)
Snake, Giant, Sea (1e MM p. 88)
Snake, Giant, Spitting (1e MM p. 88)
Specter (4e MM p. 244)
Sphinx, Andro- (1e MM p. 89; 3.5e MM p. 232)
Sphinx, Crio- (1e MM p. 89; 3.5e MM p. 233)
Sphinx, Gyno- (1e MM p. 89; 3.5e MM p. 233)
Sphinx, Hieraco- (1e MM p. 89; 3.5e MM p. 234)
Spider, Giant (1e MM p. 90; 3.5e MM p. 288)
Spider, Huge
Spider, Large
Spider, Phase
Spider, Giant Water (1e MM p. 90)
Sprite (1e MM p. 92; 3.5e MM p. 235)
Squid, Giant (1e MM p. 92; 3.5e MM p. 281)
Stag (1e MM p. 92)
Stag, Giant (1e MM p. 92)
Stirge (4e MM p. 248)
Strangle Weed (1e MM p. 93; 3.5e MM p. 334)
Sylph (1e MM p. 93; 3.0e MM2 p. 192)


Thought Eater (1e MM p. 94; 3.5e EPH p. 211)
Tick, Giant
Tiger, Sabre-Tooth
Titan (1e MM p. 94; 3.5e MM p. 242)
Titanothere (1e MM p. 95)
Toad, Giant (1e MM p. 95)
Toad, Ice (1e MM p. 95)
Toad, Poisonous (1e MM p. 95)
Trapper (1e MM p. 95; 3.5e ToH p. 346)
Treant (4e MM p. 251)
Triton (1e MM p. 96; 3.5e MM p. 245)
Troglodyte (4e MM p. 252)
Troll (4e MM p. 254)
Turtle, Giant Sea (1e MM p. 97)
Turtle, Giant Snapping


Umber Hulk (1e MM p. 98; 3.5e MM p. 248)
Unicorn (4e MM p. 257)


Vampire (4e MM p. 258)


Wasp, Giant
Water Weird
Weasel, Giant
Whale (1e MM p. 100; 3.5e MM p. 282)
Wight (4e MM p. 262)
Wind Walker (1e MM p. 101; 3.5e ToH p. 365)
Wolf (4e MM p. 264)
Wolf, Dire (Worg) (4e MM p. 265)
Wolf, Winter (1e MM p. 101; 3.5e MM p. 256)
Wolverine (1e MM p. 101; 3.5e MM p. 283)
Wolverine, Giant (1e MM p. 101)
Wraith (4e MM p. 266)
Wyvern (4e MM p. 268)






Zombie (4e MM p. 274)

Version History

Corrected errors: Blue Dragon, Green Dragon, Flesh Golem, Stone Golem, Homunculus, Guardian Naga, and Shambling Mound now listed as being present in the 4e MM.
Added link: Huge Spider (Thanks, Gregor LeBlaque!).

Created original list.


Gregor LeBlaque said...

This post I did a couple weeks back might stand in for one of the missing (giant/huge) spiders:


Also, I suspect the Homunculous (1e MM p. 53; 3.5e MM p. 154) is meant to be replaced by the Clay Scout in the Homunculous entry in the 4e MM.

Scott said...

Might want to doublecheck your list -- I know at least a few of those red monsters are in fact in the 4e MM, including blue and green dragons, flesh and stone golems, homunculi (sort of different, though), guardian naga, and shambling mound, for starters.

Aside from the homunculi, none of them seem terribly different in concept.

M.gunnerQuist said...

Thanks for the Huge Spider link, Gregor! Thanks to both you and Scott for the 4e MM corrections. Updated!