Monday, August 2, 2010

Holmes Basic Box Cover

I scanned the box cover, including the sides, at 600 dpi. I cleaned it up, removed the text, and pieced together parts that were absent. Since the whereabouts of Sutherland's painting is unknown, this might be the closest we'll ever get to seeing what it originally looked like.

I will be using this image for the cover of my own set of D&D house rules that I will compile into one PDF document suitable for the iPad (or similar device). More on that project later.


Will Douglas said...

It never occurred to me that they were fighting through an arch!

I'd always just seen them fighting a dragon, and wondered why they were standing so close together...

Anonymous said...

Excellent, well done. :-)

M.gunnerQuist said...

Will, the arch is much more obvious once the graphic elements had been removed and the detail from the side of the box was added. One big problem was that I had to cover up the large yellow strip in the left-hand corner. I did it the quick way by copying and pasting the right-hand side of the arch and blending it in. In the future, I might rework it properly. But I wanted to get something done to use as a cover for my house rules PDF.

The original picture file is much, much larger. I'd love to sell it as a poster. If I could only get proper legal permission...

It has been an interesting process. It's been a good opportunity to examine Sutherland's painting style up close.

Lord Kilgore said...

I just came across this now.

I've been trying to do the exact same thing for the same purpose. This is about 1000 times better than my effort.

Well done.

Dreamscape Design said...

I'm also working on my personal "4th edition" of Holmes - I don't suppose youd be interested in sharing the high-resolution file by any chance?

Billy Galaxy said...

Did you see that WOTC found this painting in their warehouse recently?

Michael Thomas said...

I wonder what happened to it? There was a lot of buzz at the time, but it's been pretty quiet since. It would be pretty cool if it ended up un the cover of D&DN, but I doubt that would happen.

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